ForgetMeNot Album is an audible photo album that lets you attach a digital voice recording to photographs. It is a product designed to help people with dementia in their day-to-day lives.

The ForgetMeNot is a product designed to support people suffering from dementia and their carers. A negative outcome of increased life expectancy is that every day, more individuals are experiencing cognitive decline and some form of neurodegenerative disease. With the number of people experiencing dementia estimated to double in the next 20 years, this change in society presents one of the greatest challenges facing public health personnel in the 21st century.

The ForgetMeNot Album aims to promote knowledge, empowerment, engagement, and autonomy to enhance the well-being of people with dementia and those who care for them. It gives users the independence to inform themselves of what they have forgotten. By using something so familiar, the physical photograph and adding to it a voice message. Allowing the user to have a message or a memory repeated as many times as they like and giving them the best possible chance to feel present and in control.

ForgetMeNot is an innovative tool that will help with the day-to-day lives of people suffering from dementia. It is a new form of saving, sharing and re-visiting memories. It is private and non-reliant on social media or the ability to use technological devices.

Although this product has been designed for people with dementia, we believe people of all ages would enjoy and benefit from a ForgetMeNot. As society changes and our lives become busier and fuller, it is easy for memories to slip away.


Great News!

ForgetMeNot Album scoops national award for innovation

• Innovate UK is delivering a £6.2 million* boost to the UK’s future innovation leaders.

•  233 high-potential entrepreneurs from every nation and region of the UK receive funding and tailored business support.

• Ruby Exley-Myers from Bristol is among the award winners, for her project, the ForgetMeNot Album, a photo album designed for people with dementia.


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