About our product

Our product, the ForgetMeNot Album, aims to address the issues many families face with loved ones suffering from dementia. Today, there are more than 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia. Our product is an innovative tool that aims to promote knowledge, empowerment, engagement, and autonomy to enhance the well-being of people with dementia and their carers. Living with dementia is a difficult and heartbreaking condition that leaves people lacking the confidence to engage because of their loss of memories.

The ForgetMeNot Album is an audible photo album that lets you attach a digital voice recording to a physical photograph. When a photograph is placed on a device, it will play the recorded message assigned to it. Looking at a photograph and listening to the message it contains will help the user better retain or regain their memories. The photographs can contain instructions, memories, events, new family members, carers, doctors, etc. 

It is designed to be versatile to suit the needs of each individual and give them the independence to inform themselves of what they have forgotten. It is a new form of saving, sharing and re-visiting memories; it is private and non-reliant on social media or the ability to use technological devices.

About Ruby Myers

Ruby Myers is an Innovate UK awardee and the founder of the ForgetMeNot Album. She graduated with a first from Bath Spa University in Creative Computing BSc (Hons). 

Ruby's background is in Set building/Carpentry, and she spent fifteen years working in the event industry. She is highly driven and hard-working and has always been determined to help break down social barriers to women’s success in certain careers. She is passionate about encouraging women to follow their dreams, especially if considered unconventional.